Dean: Dr. Abbot +David Michael, FG, MEd. MDiv, MS, DD, ThD,
 St Michaels Abbey, PO Box 443, Bowie, AZ 85605  ~
Licentiate in Ministry (LMin)
Degree Program

Bowie, Arizona

      The Licentiate in Ministry Degree is now being offered online or in residence in Bowie, Arizona at St Michaels Abbey.   Resident facilities are available for registered students.  We are especially interested in candidates seeking to serve among the Native Americans.  
      Students may be selected from the 10th grade on in becoming a student in the LMin program.  Once enrolled in the LMin program at Theohphilos Seminary, selected classes on homesteading and desert survival are also available to registered students. This is a great opportunity for older home schooled kids (10th grade and above) in providing educational skills beyond the limited home capability.  
      For those seeking to be ordained into Christian Ministry, this degree is the minimal required within our Orthodox Christian faith to be ordained as a deacon to serve as a Chaplain, a Pastor in a church or as a Shepherd in a faithful home-church gathering.  
Building Projects
Greenhouse RV Park
      We are currently developing 4 acres with water and multiple small greenhouses as an RV site better suited  for long term student campers or "friends" of the Abbey so they can grow all of their own vegetables.

Stables & Farmers Market
    The Stables includes a large barn that is the main trade school with 20 external stalls on 2 fenced in acres with another 2 acres soon available for horse campsites.  Repairs continue on the Barn and property. This will also be the site for the future Farmers Market.

Farm Agriculture
    We have set aside about 15 acres as a conventional farm or smaller homesteads with orchards with the possibility of growing food in between the rows of trees.  This land has yet to be cleared.
Tent Camp Ground
      Our main area is about 7 acres for short term student guest camping around a horse arena or event field with a 60' round tented facility and an 18' camp kitchen.  Maximum guest stay is 2 weeks.

    We are building 4 large 23 foot round domes about 12' tall as greenhouses for commercial growing of food.  We have the bases set up and water run to all of the 4 sites.

Hobbit Huts
    We have the materials for building 8 Hobbit Huts for orphans and our seminarians seeking the way of the Nazara-Essenes.  We have the land leveled and water lines run to all 8 of the Hobbit Hut sites.  

Town Traveler Camp
    We are currently negotiating for 2 acres on the main street of town to enable travelers and the homeless to camp for a few days on their way through town.  It is located on the I-10 bypass loop road through the center of Bowie AZ.  

Tabernacle Replica
      The Lord has led us to build a 10' wide by 10' high by 30' long Tabernacle of David.  This is a 2/3 scale of the Tabernacle of Moses in the wilderness that existed about 3500 years ago.   We will be adding the 7 pieces of furniture to this Tabernacle to include the 1) Gate, 2) Altar, 3) Laver, 4) Table, 5) Menorah, 6) Censor and the, 7) Ark of the Covenant. Each of these represents a step in being reconciled with YHWH (God) though Yeshua (Jesus).

St Michaels Abbey
      The Abbey itself is located on about 2 acres with the Abbey House ans adjoining Bunk House  7 stock pens and gardens are on this lot.  
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