Sons of Prophets
Prophecies, Visions and Dreams from the School of the Prophets
Book 3 Prophecies

Not yet in print - Very new Revelations
  1. Cry for True Israel (PDF):  How the gentile Khazar Zionist Jews living in Israel today will be replaced by the true genetic Israelites of the seed of Jacob.
  2. Deliverence from Sodomy (PDF): How homosexuality is an evil spirit that can be cast out and not a genetic condition.  
  3. Dragon Thief  (PDF): During the Tribulation, the true church will steal back from the Dragon's NWO and survive this coming halocost.
  4. Message to Biker Clubs (PDF): A dream-vision as a message to biker clubs in America to unite against a common invading enemy.
  5. New Templars in Rome (PDF):  The new Templar Order becomes topic of interest.  
  6. Old Shoes of the Gospel (PDF): How the sharing of the Gospel should be as natural and comfortable as wearing a good old pair of shoes.
  7. Spain Falls then Rome (PDF):  A vision on how Spain will fall as a country as a precursor to the fall of Rome as a Vatican City State.  
  8. Sword Crosses Impale Roman Altars (PDF):  With the nations now turned over to the Antichrist.  Churches are being marked for judgment by the Prophets.
  9. UFO Battle in Desert (PDF):  How the word/language of YHWH spoken in faith by the prophets will bring down alien UFO aircraft.
  10. Virgins of Antichrist Castle (PDF):  The Antichrist seeks virgins of the true church to enslave.  Learn how the Sword of Goliath will free them.