Prophets V
Prophecies, Visions and Dreams from the School of the Prophets
Book 5 Prophecies

Book 5 not yet in print  - Very New Revelations
  1. 10 Commandments in a Box (PDF):  This deream reveals the 10 commandments will be found in a simple wooden box. 
  2. A Deeper Covenent (PDF): The real covenent is in rightly saying the I AM is the nature of you as a Believer.
  3. Angelic Chess (PDF): This multidimensional battle is like 3-tiered chess in the war of the angels of good (white) against angels of evil (black). 
  4. Attack of the Black Dragon (PDF):  Attack by a black dragon as a fallen angel to kill me sent from the Kundalini Kabal.
  5. Camps Music (PDF):  Camps where music become the power of the Holy Spirit in changing the world. 
  6. Chaldean Mission (PDF): Called as a Caldean bishop in the FRertile Cresent of the middle east. 
  7. Cordova Bishopric (PDF): Bishop of Cordova among Islam or in a new place?
  8. Cubit for the Ark of the Covenant (PDF): This is another dream on the cubit size needed to find the Ark of the Covenant in America.
  9. Dragon Hunter Armada (PDF):  The dream-vision of 5 ships who are tasked with hunting down and imprisioning fallen angels also seen as dragons.
  10. Dukes of Iona (PDF):  This is a very old visitation where YHWH said the liberation of Scotland is associated with the Dukes of Argyle.
  11. Half-World (PDF): Visiting the 3 1/2 spiritual dimension where it is both physical and spiritual
  12. Hawaiian Battle Kawaihai (PDF):  A call to battle the Hawaiian war god KU in the Island of Hawaii.  
  13. If You Want Freedom (PDF):  Freedom is in Yeshua alone...
  14. Liberated Woman (PDF):  To be liberated as a woman, you must by first liberated by Yeshua.  
  15. Lion of Judah Musical Tour (PDF):  The leading to develop a tour in music as a Lion of Judah.
  16. Lone Commander (PDF):  A message from YHWH that I need to rely on him and NOT stuff in spiritual battle.
  17. Melchizedek Owns All (PDF): The Order of Melchizedek owns all of creation with Y'Shua (Jesus) as the High Priest with a priesthood living on earth.
  18. Native Tree of Life (PDF): The tree of life among the Natives is best described as Cottonwood....where water is found
  19. Orphan Farms in End Times (PDF): The mission to develop farms for orphans in these end times including at St Michaels Abbey
  20. Polar Shift and Bird Migration (PDF):  This is where the new pole will shift in the next cycle.  The new North Pole in the northern Pacific Ocean
  21. Phoenix Monument (PDF): Beware of the Bilderbergs, their Phoenix symbol and their offer of riches.
  22. Pending Invasion of America (PDF):  America will be invaded.  Find out what to look for and be prepared when it happens.
  23. Prayer Warriors in UFOs (PDF):  The transport of the saints globally in vessels powered by God and not engines.
  24. Royal Retreat (PDF):  The gathering of Royals from around the world who will be given their kingdoms back in these end times.
  25. Sabbath Justice (PDF): Isaiah 57 and God's judgement against the false pastors.
  26. Ship in the Desert (PDF): The true church will be protected isolated from the world as if on a great ship like an ark.  
  27. Templar Coin (PDF):  The finding of a Templar trasue for the work of the Ministry.
  28. Visitation of Grey Aliens (PDF):  Meeting 'Stealthy' Grey Aliens and two space ships in the forest and the need for completely escaping society.
  29. Way Stations and the Keepers (PDF): The waystations decide where you do after death.  Even these can be corrupted.
  30. Wilderness Camps where Music of Nature Prevails (PDF)We must separate ourselves from the degeration of society including its harmful technologies.