Sons of Prophets
Prophecies, Visions and Dreams from the School of the Prophets
Book 2 Prophecies
  1. Abyss in the Eurphrates:  (PDF) (MP3) A dream-vision of the location of the biblical Abyss in the Eurphrates from which 4 angels come.
  2. Alien Encounters:  (PDF) (MP3) Visitation of  Grey aliens at age 8 and then a Lumerian of Shasta at age 14.  Invitation to study 'within' Shasta Mountain.
  3. Alien Starship Over San Luis Valley:  (PDF) (MP3)  A dream-vision of a massive starship cruising above San Luis Valley Colorado.
  4. Arrest of the Church Harlot:    (PDF) (MP3) Arresting the Church Harlot of Rome in the future who will kill 5.8 Billion people.
  5. Aztec Attack:  (PDF) (MP3) How the Aztec and NWO religion have joined as one.
  6. Boarding a UFO Saucer:    (PDF) (MP3) How I was told I needed to come aboard a UFO saucer piloted by human angels.
  7. Called as a Monk of Ardon:    (PDF) (MP3) How I was called 42 years ago to be a Monk of YHWH to wander the mountains and deserts.
  8. Civil Air Patrol Deployed Overseas:    (PDF) (MP3) How the CAP will be used as non-military agents overseas in the fight against terrorism.
  9. Castle of Bondage and Rome:    (PDF) (MP3) My first dream that said I would serve the Roman Church after an escape from the Ouroborus.
  10. Coffin Pews of the Church:    (PDF) (MP3)  This reveals how the traditional churches reject prophets to kill true faith with their coffin pews.   
  11. Community Farms of Prophets:    (PDF) (MP3) How the Lord will set up temporary farms to develop mobile teams of traveling prophets.
  12. Cuozzo's Curse of Korah:    (PDF) (MP3) How a priest in rebellion uncured the curse of Korah.
  13. Curse of the Nephilim:  (PDF) (MP3) Setting up a clinic for treating the spiritual possed in releaseing them from the curse of the Nephilim.
  14. Cyr and Saint Cyrus:  (PDF) (MP3) The mission of Saint Cyrus leading to medicine and a resistance against the Jesuits.
  15. Dragon Hunter:    (PDF) (MP3)  The need to hunt down demonic dragons as pests in our lives and homes.
  16. Dragon Shields of Power:  (PDF) (MP3)  How Satan has 13 constellation alien armies and how the horoscope will enslave you to them.
  17. Elemental Angel of Fire:    (PDF) (MP3) An angel of fire believed to be Uriel meets David to request  to be a part of his team.
  18. Explosive Bolts:   (PDF) (MP3) How I was shown to use a crossbow with explosive bolts.
  19. Faith Healing Sorcerers:  (PDF) (MP3)   How many of the modern evengelsts are faith healing sorcerers and not of YHWH.
  20. Family Conflict:  (PDF) (MP3) How our families may be working against the call of God in our lives and think they are doing God's will.
  21. GMO Flesh Eating Plants:  (PDF) (MP3)  How plants are being genetically engineered to hunt, attack and eat humans.
  22. Grey Alien Encounters:  (PDF) (MP3)  Visitation of 5 Greys in the night.
  23. Healing the Land:    (PDF) (MP3) How the land was healed with the 4 tones of life through holy bells.
  24. He-Goat on the Move:    (PDF) (MP3) A conversation with YHWH where he said the He-goat prophecies are the next event to occur.
  25. Indigo City of God:    (PDF) (MP3) Vision of an Indigo city where the stones glowed and pulsed.  Is this to be visited in the future?
  26. Japan Declares War:  (PDF) (MP3)  Secret attack planned by Japan against a rival nation.
  27. Jim's Rejection of Mission:  (PDF) (MP3)  How an Anglican priest fell under the power of the beautiful Harlot of Rome.
  28. Judgment Against the Nephilim:    (PDF) (MP3) The end times judgement against the Nephim begain on the 17th of December, 2015
  29. Judgment Coming in March 2017:   (PDF) (MP3)  You must read this!  How an angel said judgment is coming to the world in March 2017.
  30. Kaiser Dreams:  (PDF) (MP3)  How the Anglican Church is deceived by Rome.
  31. Man Made Woman:  (PDF) (MP3)  How we can loose our souls in the pursuit of wealth, power, prestige and comfort.
  32. Mary Mother of Rome:  (PDF) (MP3)  How the Virgin Mary often seen in Catholic visions is a fallen angel sent to decieve the Church.
  33. Mathematics of Music:  (PDF) (MP3)  How music holds all creation together.
  34. Meeting the Red Horse Angel:  (PDF) (MP3)  How I meet the Red horse angel of Zachariah in 1982 and his mission in the world today.
  35. Men in Black of the NWO:  (PDF) (MP3) How the NWO has Men in Black who are murdering the future persons of the YHWH Resistance'.
  36. Model of the Church:  (PDF) (MP3)  How the real church is to be structured - like a Guilde of Artists.
  37. Monastery in Buena Vista:  (PDF) (MP3)  A leading to establish a Monestary of Prophets in Buena Vista, Colorado.
  38. NWO Phone System:   (PDF) (MP3)  How the NWO will use encrypted phones as their primary communications.
  39. Pilgrims Resurrected:  (PDF) (MP3)  Message from YHWH that a ministry of the 1970's is to be resurrected for the last day revival.
  40. Possessed Templar Prince:   (PDF) (MP3)  How the Templars will become subordinate to the Melchezedek (Culdee) priesthood.
  41. Priesthood of Melchizedek:  (PDF) (MP3)  How I was told by Y'Shua to become a Melchizedek priest before all others.
  42. Prince of the Dunes:  (PDF) (MP3) My name is Windwalker and my calling as a prince, bishop (priest) and prophet in America and Israel.
  43. Prophets and Prayer:  (PDF) (MP3) How prayer will bring the will of YHWH to pass.
  44. Pursued God of War:  (PDF) (MP3) Church will be persued by the femnine god of war as Innana, Isis, Mother of God and the Harlot of Revelation.
  45. Queen of Gold Mountain:  (PDF) (MP3)   How the earths resouces will be givine to the prophets in the end times. 
  46. Queen of Hawaii:  (PDF) (MP3)  How a queen will rise up in Hawaii to lead her people to independence.   
  47. Rise of the 7th Legion:  (PDF) (MP3)  The rise of an army of 7000 to resisit the plans of the Jesuit Antichrist NWO.  
  48. Roots of Bitterness:  (PDF) (MP3)  How we have evil grotesque roots growing out from our bodies when we are unforgiving toward others.
  49. Saving of the Irish Hebrews:  (PDF) (MP3)  How the true bloodline of Israel will gather and be led out of Ireland back to Israel.
  50. Sentient Essence of Cavanaugh:  (PDF) (MP3)  How objects have sentient memory and the cloak of invisibility.
  51. Sons of Prophets:    (PDF) (MP3)    It is time for the Sons of Prophets to step into the Elijah ministry in these last days and meet for Passover.
  52. Speaking with Animals:  (PDF) (MP3)  Animals say those with the Peace of YHWH are who they seek to serve.
  53. Stetson with Demonic Music:  (PDF) (MP3)  How a young musician inadvertently became a player of demonic music in rebellion.
  54. Tabernacle of David:  (PDF) (MP3)  How the Tabernacle of David will be toured as a rallying place for true Israel and Judah to return to Israel.
  55. Templars Divided:    (PDF) (MP3)   How there are now the Templars of YHWH and the Templars of Lucifer at war with each other.
  56. Three Knights of YHWH:  (PDF) (MP3) Three knights of YHWH sent out into the world by YHWH to battle on behalf of the innocent and weak.  
  57. Time, Space and Reletivity:  (PDF) (MP3)  How the alteration of time, space or mass will directly effect the other two realities.
  58. Time Travel and Sonja:  (PDF) (MP3)  How time travel has existed for thousands of years and was mathematically explained in the middle ages.
  59. Video on the Hand:  (PDF) (MP3)  Video telepathic wifi and the act of remote viewing with sufficient mass to interact with people and machines.