Sons of Prophets
Prophecies, Visions and Dreams from the School of the Prophets
Book 1 Prophecies

    1. 4 Beasts of the NWO: (PDF) (MP3)  How the NWO will come to power with the Spiritual 'alien' hosts of darkness supporting them.
    2. 40 Riders of Salam: (PDF) (MP3) How Islam will overcome the Church leadership in America.
    3. 1000 Caliphates: (PDF) (MP3)  How YHWH will gather 1000 Middle Eastern Arab Princes to fight against the NWO armies.
    4. 1500 People Living On the Moon: (PDF) (MP3)  Angel warned of wars in our solar system where humans need to become self-sufficient.
    5. Alien Training Camp: (PDF) (MP3) How humans and aliens are being trained on other planet to fight the Antichrist.
    6. Aliester Crowley and the Ballet: (PDF) (MP3)  How occultist Crowley is still alive in 'spirit' as the leader of an evil priesthood.
    7. America Geologically Divided: (PDF) (MP3) Observation aboard alien spaceship watching the New Madrid fault kill millions.
    8. Animatronic Warriors of YHWH: (PDF) (MP3)  How the armor of YHWH is better than alien war technologies even in physical battle.
    9. Ark Found in America: (PDF) (MP3) Where the Ark of the Covenant was hidden in America 1000 years ago.
    10. Army of the Four Winds: (PDF) (MP3) The angelic armies under the command of Michael the Archangel with music as their language.
    11. Book of the Future: (PDF) (MP3)  How the book of Life and the the book of the future is an ever changing book.
    12. Boy Scouts under the Red Dragon: (PDF) (MP3)  How the Boy Scouts in America are being taken over by Satan.
    13. Bunkers for the Faithful: (PDF) (MP3)  God and his people are preparing bunkers in the high mountains in America for the faithful.
    14. Chief Whitefeather Search: (PDF) (MP3)  The search for Chief Whitefeather uniting the Native American and the Hebrew priesthood.
    15. Choir of 70 Prophets: (PDF) (MP3)  Those called to become the last day prophets must be gathered in unity of heart and mind.
    16. Cloud of Witnesses: (PDF) (MP3)  Our faithfulness is witnessed by angels, dark spirits and even extrateresstrial aliens.
    17. Crisis Banking System: (PDF) (MP3)  What to do when the US dollar fails.  A new gold based banking system for the Remnant.
    18. Demon Bats Attack: (PDF) (MP3)  Any fear makes us a prey for any evil spirit or creature. Demons in the physical realm attacking.
    19. Escaping the Falling Church: (PDF) (MP3) Do not relay upon your denominational faith - it will fail you.
    20. Eye of Ra: (PDF) (MP3)  Seeing into the future. RA's power of 'sight' is not his own.
    21. Feed the Children: (PDF) (MP3)  Feeding the children is the highest calling in YHWH.  A call to serve among the Native Americans.
    22. Four Dreams of the Light Body: (PDF) (MP3)  How the faithful may battle in the spiritual realm and be physically protected.
    23. Franciscan Attack: (PDF) (MP3)  How a statue of St. Francis attacked me with fire and vaproized my horse..
    24. Garden of the Soul: (PDF) (MP3)  How we must let God plant the treasured garden of our soul  and not plant our own works.
    25. Goliaths Sword Found: (PDF) (MP3)  Finding Goliath's sword to fight the Nephilim.  This is to happen for real. 
    26. Gray Alien Visitation: (PDF) (MP3)  How 5 Gray aliens stood at the foot of my bed at night to observe me.  
    27. Harp of Protection: (PDF) (MP3)  How the Kinnor Harp and its Music can protect us during spiritual battle.
    28. Healing Cafe': (PDF) (MP3)  The need to build Healing Cafe's all across America that will survive into the Tribulation.
    29. Healing Matrix: (PDF) (MP3)  Music-chant that heals with its symbols.
    30. Kings Grant to Preach: (PDF) (MP3)  How the King of the Holy Roman Empire (NWO) will let the Culdee preach the Gospel.
    31. Liberating Japan: (PDF) (MP3)  How the Japanese people are controlled by a Shinto Witch and how to combat her.
    32. Living Word of God: (PDF) (MP3)  The Word is literally alive - going out into the universe.  
    33. Mist of Darkness: (PDF) (MP3)  Stopping the angel of death.
    34. Name of Y'Shua: (PDF) (MP3)  Instructed to use the name Y'Shua and not the name Jesus.
    35. Native American and Hawaiian Covenant: (PDF) (MP3)  The reuniting of the Hebrew people of HAVA as the lost tribes of Israel.
    36. Native American Origin: (PDF) (MP3) In covenant with the Native Americans by birth.
    37. Native Heatbeat Drums: (PDF) (MP3)  A Native drum circle where unity becomes a power that can not be stopped.
    38. Native and Hebrew Unity: (PDF) (MP3)  The in-gathering of the genetic Hebrew Nations to include Native Americans.
    39. Native Horse Woman: (PDF) (MP3)  How the women of the Native American tribes will save them from genocide as they return to YHWH. 
    40. Native Princess: (PDF) (MP3)  How I have been called to bring to life by prayer a native princess who represents her people
    41. Nazis Have it All: (PDF) (MP3)  How all secret societies are now united as allies and follow the Nazi protocols for world domination.
    42. Obama Brings Time of Trouble: (PDF) (MP3) How President Obama is systematically destroying America.
    43. Pikes Peak Angelic Prison: (PDF) (MP3)  The release of an ancient army of angels to again become the guardians of Pikes Peak.
    44. Preparing to Go: (PDF) (MP3)  The event of escaping a ranch into the mountains - bugging out.  Beware, the enemy is within.
    45. Prescott Bush Dollar Bill: (PDF) (MP3)  Bush family involvement in the rise of the NWO Shadow Government in America.
    46. Puppet Theater Evangelism: (PDF) (MP3)  A model given in a dream for evangelism using puppets and traveling teams of prophets.
    47. Reptilian Abduction Attempt: (PDF) (MP3)  An attempt to abduct a women friend by two Royal Reptilians wearing crowns.  
    48. Reptilian Wars against Humans: (PDF) (MP3)  How the Reptilians will raise humans from the dead to become dark 'zombie' warriors..
    49. Satanic Standing Stones: (PDF) (MP3) How Satan and the NWO will control the minds of millions without them knowing it.
    50. Seven Sisters of the Dove: (PDF) (MP3)  How the 7 churches are being pursued by the dragon and it is really happening in the heavens.
    51. Ship of 12 Masts: (PDF) (MP3)  The model for the unity of true believers being set up as family tribes and not denominations.
    52. Singing with Angels: (PDF) (MP3) Humans can sing with angels in worship to YHWH.
    53. Slavery Fuel Economy: (PDF) (MP3) How the NWO will control fuel and commerce around the world to control people.
    54. Stargate Search and Rescue: (PDF) (MP3)  Saving a Christian knight who is lost in space and time using a Stargate.
    55. State of the Church in China: (PDF) (MP3)  How China will seek a religion for its people.  The secret future meeting where this occurs.
    56. Three Arks of the Church: (PDF) (MP3) Only the Hebrew Church has the  power of YHWH wheres chuuches of Roman Babylon do not.
    57. Three NWO Brothers of Evil: (PDF) (MP3)  How the Merovingians, Rothchilds and the Jesuits now rule the world for evil.
    58. Three Women Warriors: (PDF) (MP3)  Cross ethnic women warriors will search out and 'neutralize' spies in the true church.
    59. Toxic Water: (PDF) (MP3)  How potable  water will cost about $10 a gallon in bulk when war occurs on American soil.
    60. Tree of Life: (PDF) (MP3)  The tree of life is for the healing of the people of YHWH.  How to nurture this tree.
    61. Trumpet of RA: (PDF) (MP3)  A battle in Colorado against the forces of RA's armies led by Archangel Michael..
    62. Tsunami of Destruction: (PDF) (MP3)  The economic tsunami will suddenly hit America with no escape from this economic crash.
    63. Two Woman of the Eastern Church: (PDF) (MP3)  How the Syro-Chaldeans and Old Catholics will serve the people of the Middle East.
    64. US Invasion: (PDF) (MP3)  How 600,000 foreign troops are ready to invade America and how they will do it.
    65. War with the Dragon: (PDF) (MP3)  The dragon's human forces eat children to empower themselves - battling this evil.
    66. Warning to the Empress: (PDF) (MP3)  A warning to the Empress of the Holy Roman Empire to stay true to YHWH.  
    67. Water in Shilo: (PDF) (MP3)  Shilo, Israel has water -  the righteous seed of Ephraim will discover it.
    68. YHWH Warriors: (PDF) (MP3)  YHWH Warriors traveling the universe in no-engine alien spaceships of a higher dimension.